Zhongzhi Detection Instruments Inc.

Since its inception in 1996, the company specializes in manufacturing a variety of environmental testing equipment, started on the environmental integrity of the largest testing equipment, technology strongest Test Factory.

Dongguan production plant in 2000 to obtain rapid global scale products sold by customer praise, supervisor of the market demand in 2003, the official Shanghai factory production, the company has so far Zhongzhi Dongguan, two production bases in Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Tianjin, Xi¡äan, with offices worldwide distribution.

Yinzhi companies in the design and manufacture of product development excellence, and customer total development by the well-known enterprises, and scientific research units, quality institutions, institutions of higher learning and recommend the adoption of timely and thoughtful service at the international, standardized, and professional quality policy , Zhongzhi international brands will be gradually towards the road.