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ZMM Metalik


founded more than 50 years ago, zmm "metalik" is one of the veterans in machine building industry in bulgaria. through the experience, gained during all these years, the built prestige and reliability among the clients, through the high specialisation of the personnel, the company is ensuring a leading position in the industry and firmly states its desire for development of its business.

our widest product range is in drilling machines - starting with bench drill pn012, simplest column drill pk181, the mass produced pk203 - these are our belt driven drills. the gear driven drills start with pk035, next are pk040, pk050 and pk055a. more or less, the numbers in the name of the drill shows the maximal drilling diameter in steel. the drill line ends with the high speed radial drilling machine rs32-800. two types of tool room milling machines are manufactured - f20 and f23. first one has 200x900mm table and no feed of the quill, second one has 230x1100mm table and automatic feed of the quill. of course, we are making full mechanical and electrical retrofitting of old cnc machines, our production, changing the old cnc and drives with up-to-date ones.