No.18, Section 2, Ming Zu Road, Chingshui Town
Taichung Hsien
그곳의 현지 시간
No.18, Section 2, Ming Zu Road, Chingshui Town
Taichung Hsien
그곳의 현지 시간


Sourcing ~ Shipping coordination complete service

TWT GLOBAL – The company with the sole aim to provide every esteemed and valuable worldwide customers with the best quality products and value-added service. TWT GLOBAL offers machinery both for METAL and WOOD working, wide option of machines you can get from us including superior standard model to high-tech CNC ones, various certificate such as CE, CSA, UL are also available. Furthermore, we have also extended our service to supply of OEM/ODM parts and all kinds of steel materials.

To describe more specifically, our business including:

Metal Cutting Machine
> Circular Cold Saw
> Drilling Machine
-Drilling / Milling Machine
-Drilling / Tapping Machine
-Radial Drilling Machine
> Grinding Machine
-Surface Grinding Machine
-Cylindrical Grinding Machine
-Centerless Grinding Machine
> Lathe
-Conventional type
-Swiss Type CNC Lathe
-Heavy Duty Lathe
-Vertical Lathe
> Machining Center
-Vertical and Horizontal Machining Center
-High Speed Machining Center
> Milling Machine
-Turret Type Milling Machine,
-Bed-Type Vertical / Horizontal Milling Machine,
-Bed-Type Universal Milling Machine,
-CNC Universal Bed-Type Milling Machine
> Power Hack Saw
> Shaping Machine
> Vertical / Horizontal Band Saw:Wide range of options
and lots more.
Metal Forming Machine
> Automatic Coil Slitting Machine
> CNC/NC Hydraulic Shear
> CNC/NC Hydraulic Press Brake
> Cold Roll Forming Machine
> C-Shaped Steel Roll-Forming Machine
> Drilling and Punching Machine
> Flash Butt Welding and All kinds of special purpose Welding Machines
> Hydraulic Plate Bending Rolls
> Hydraulic Box & Pan Brake
> Hydraulic Notcher
> Ironworker & Punching Machines
> Pipe Bending Machine Steel and Stainless Pipe making Maching
Slider Forming Machine
> Section Bending Machine
> Spot Welding
> Seam Welding
> Tube Processing Machine
and lots more.
Woodworking Machine(alphabetical listing)
> Auto Hydraulic Back-Knife Turning Lathe
> Auto Planer (Thicknesser)
> Auto Door Machine
> Boring Machine
> Belt & Disc Sander
> Briquette System
> Combination Machine (circular saw, shaper, planer thicknesser, mortiser)
> Clamp Carrier
> Cut-Off Saw
> Double Arbor Multiple Rip Saw
> Dust Management Series such as Air Filter, Dust Collector and Cyclone
> Disc Sander
> Drill Press
> Dovetailer
> Drum Sander
> Double Surface Planer
> Dowel Milling Machine
> Edge Sander
> Edge Bander
> Frame Saw
> Four side Moulder
> Finger Jointing Equipment
> Heavy Duty Jointer
> Hydraulic Copying Lathe
> Horizontal / Vertical Band Saw
> Longitudinal Veneer Splicer
> Multi-Sheet Slicer
> Mortiser
> Over-arm Router
> Panel Saw
> Planer / Moulder
> Power Feeder
> Radial Arm Saw
> Spindle Moulder
> Scroll Saw
> Straight Line Rip Saw
> Semi-Optimizing Cut-Off Saw
> Tenoner
> Top and Bottom Planer with Multiple Rip Saw
> Table Saw
> Tool Grinder
> Wood Lathe
> Wood/Metal Dual Purpose Band Saw
> Wide Belt Sander
and lots more.
OEM / ODM parts, including cast iron, gravity cast alloy, stamping parts, CNC precision machined parts, plastic injection, and all kinds of mold's design
Steel Materials: including steel in bar and shape, raw material for producing construction steel, steel bar and sheet for producing steel structure, hard metal plate, hot rolled carbon steel and lots more.

Since the establishment of company “Trade With Trust, Take Worldwide Task” are adopted as our main goal to all our customers, to grant you with the best satisfaction is our daily ongoing target to work for.

Pls contact us whenever you need our products or services. While there’s trust between, we see both potential and its power within!