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Stock # :14633


톤수:1,500 T
무게:386,000 Lbs.

Reference #14633

Savage 1500 Ton Traveling Gantry Hyd. Straightening Press
Model: TFS-1500
Age: 1985
Serial Number: 1594

Maximum Tonnage ............... 1500 Ton
Gantry Travel (Horz.) ......... 420"
Gantry Travel Speed ........... 130 IPM
Ram Stroke (Adjustable) ....... Up to 24"
Daylight ...................... 42"
Shut Height ................... 18"
Bed ........................... 48" x 504"

The Gantry Is Power Driven
Through Rack And Pinion Gears Ans Capable of
Traveling Over and Across The Powered Roller
And Pressure Pad Assemblies. The Press Frame
Is Extra Long To Permit The Gantry To Travel
Beyond The Straightening Area For Direct Down
Loading Of Part On The Vee Blocks From The
Crane. This Eliminates The Need For Side Travel
Of The Crane When Loading ANd Unloading The
Press. The Gantry Travels On Bearing Type
Wheels Across A Hardened Replaceable Wear
Path. Side Thrust Bearings Prevent Mis-Alignment.
The Travel Power Is Supplied By A Servo Motor.
A Rotary Encoder Transmits Position Information
To A Digital Read-Out At The Operator's Station.

Tie Rods:
16" Diameter, Ground, Polished Hard Surfaced And
Hard Chrome Plated 1045 Steel.
Hydraulic Drive Motor - 100 HP 460/3/60.

Main Cylinder:
35" Bore, 22" Ram Diameter, 24" Stroke, 4000 PSI
Working Pressure. Chrome Plated Bore & Ram.

Jack Rams:
(2) 5" Bore With 3-1/2" Diameter Hardened & Ground,
Polished And CHrome Plated Rods.
Digital Read-Outs:
Digital Read-Outs Located At Operator's Station
For Ram Position, Gantry Position, Straightening
Block Positions, ROller Block Positions. Rotary
Encoders Are Used To Transmit The Information
From Each Device To The Read-Out.

Dwell Time:
An Adjustable 0 to 10 Second Dwell Timer Will
Actuate When The Ram Is At FUll Adjusted
Pressing Force. The Dwell Time Is Displayed By
A Digital Read-Out.

An Oil Gear Radial Piston Pump With V-W Controls
Power The Press. Remote Adjustable Controls At
The Operator's Station Adjust Both Tonnage And
Ram Speeds. Reservoir Is Sized For 1-1/2 Times The
Cylinder Volumns At Full Stroke. The Reservoir
Includes Single Bolt CLean-Outs, Temperature And
Level Gauges, And Oversize Breather. A Pre-Fill
Valve Controls Filling And Emptting Of The Main
Ram. External Inlet And Return Line Filtration
Is Standard An Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Is
Mounted At The Reservoir.

Hydraulic Pressure - 3000 PSI At 1500 Tons

Pressure Gauge:
6" Diameter, Liquid Filled With Both PSI And Tons
On Ram Scales.

460 Volts 3Phase/60 Cycle. 115 Volt Control Voltage.

The Lubrication System Provides Positive Grease
Lubrication To The (4) Tie Rod Bushings and The
(4) Gantry Axles At A 30 Minute Time Cycle. The
Pump Is Electrically Powered With A 12 Lb.
Reservoir Capacity. The System Includes The
Following Alarms: (1) Low Reservoir Level (2)
Supply Line Failure (3) Feed Line Failure. This
Permits Monitoring Of The Entire System.

Roller & Pressure Stands:
The Pressure Stand And Roller Stands Are
Powered Across The Press Bed By A Gear/Reducer
Motor. Feed Back Information Through A Rotary
Encoder To A Digital Read-Out Panel. The Rotary
Stands Rotary Motion Are Powered By A DC Motor.
The Stands Travle Across The Bed On Spring
Loaded Bearing Type Wheels To Lift The Stands
Off The Press Bed. Side Thrust Rollers Prevent
Mis-Alignment Of The Stands. The Roller Wheels
Travle On Hardened And Ground Replaceable
Flat Ways.

Power Workpiece Rotation
Power Lift
Power Anvil Positioning
Power Rotation Stand Positioning
Operator's Control Station
Operator's Platform

Approximate Weight - 386,000 lbs


1500 Ton Savage, 42' x 48" Bed, 24" Ram Stroke, 35' Horiz. Trvl., 100 HP, 1985 #14633

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