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Stock # :TUR630Sx3M


스윙:629.9 mm
중심:2,997 mm
스핀들 보어:104.1 mm
동력:14.9 kW
분당 회전속도:1800 rpm
슬라이드 위 스윙:378.5 mm
무게:10,000 lbs

NEW 2014 year TUR630S Manual universal TOP EUROPEAN Built lathe with 4.1" bore. 17" WIDE TRI-V bedways, 20 HP main drive, FULLY Clutched headstock with soft start and stop featue, 4 way Rapids, Extended HD Cross slide and saddle, Wrap around tailstock body and 3.9" dia quill for greater stablity, Americanized electrics, 1 year Toolmex parts and labor warranty. This first choice for those that want superior design, top quality, better accuracy, long life with technical parts and service support in USA.


NEW 25”x118” Toolmex-Haco EUROPEAN Manual lathe, TUR630S with 4.1" spindle bore, 17” wide TRI-V bed way design with 4 leg support, 20 HP main drive, 21 speeds = 18-1,800 RPM, 4-way rapids, HD four leg support to 1 pc bed, Steady rest 7” capacity, precision Live Center MT5, American made Quick change (DA size) Tool Turret with 4 holders, 1 year parts and labor warranty, 460V/3ph/60hz


TOOLMEX TUR630S X 118 (436키로 바이트)
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