CHEVALIER FSG-3A1020왕복 표면 그라인더

형태:왕복 표면 그라인더
조건:중고 - 좋은
Stock # :G802513


테이블 W:10 "
테이블-L:19.69 "
동력:3 hp
연마 휠 폭:1.25 "
연마 휠 직경:12 "

Table Size 10"X20"

Magnetic Chuck Size 10"X20"

Longitudinal Automatic 22-7/8"

Longitudinal Manual 24-3/8"

Longitudinal Table Speed Hydraulic 16 To 82 FPM

Max Distance Table To Center Of Spindle 21-1/2"

Rapid Traverse Long & Cross 48" IPM

Cross Travel Automatic 11-7/16"

Cross Travel Manual 11-7/16"

Cross Travel Rapids 11-3/4"

Wheel Head Automatic Feed .0001 To .02

Wheel Head Rapid Traverse 13 IPM

Wheel Head Hand Wheel Per Revolution .01

Wheel Head Hand Wheel Per Graduation .0005

Wheel Head Mircofeed Revolution .01

Wheel Head Mircofeed Per Graduation .0002

Vertical Working Height 18"

Standard Size Grinding Wheel 12" X 1" X 1-1/4" Bore

Grinding Wheel Speeds 2,050 Rpm's

Main Motor 2 Hp. 220 /440

Net Weight 3,306Lbs.

Floor Space 96"X61"X75"

Coolant Yes

Coolant Guards Yes

Over The Wheel Dresser Yes

Eelectromatic Neutrofier For Chuck Yes

Rapid Traverse Up & Down Yes

Note: Machine Has Been Cleaned, Painted & Cycled.

Condition Very Good

Price: Please call

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