GLEASON 537기어 퀸칭 프레스


Gleason 537 Quench Press, rebuilt and retrofitted with a PLC control.


49W" x 118L" x 100H"
11,750 lbs.

Gleason Quench Press EQUIPMENT/FEATURES:

• Universal Lower Die w/compensator
• PLC-Controlled adjustment of upper die/expander pressures and quench oil flow rate
• Modification of quenching recipes via 10.4" touch screen
• PLC Memory Storage for up to 200 quenching recipes
• two AC motors 3ph/60cy/220/440v
• Hydraulic Pump Motor 7.5 HP, 1800rpm
• self contained Quenching system w/ pump motor 10 HP, 3600 rpm
• electric push button station
• operator's manual, wiring diagrams, etc.

Principal Specifications:

• Maximum Diameter: 28" (711mm)
• Minimum Diameter (bore or inner diam.): 6" (152mm)
• Maximum Height: 8" (203mm)
• Bottom of Upper Die Holder to Top Of Bottom Holder: 10"-22" (254-558mm)
• Range of Adjustable Lower Die: 6"-16" (152-406mm)

Hydraulic System
• Total Pressure (approx.): 59,000 lbs. (26,762 kg)
• Outer Ring Pressure (approx.): 24,000 lbs. (10,886 kg)
• Inner Ring Pressure (approx.): 24,000 lbs. (10,886 kg)
• Expander Pressure (approx.): 11,000 lbs. (4,989 kg)

Oil Supply
• Machine Capacity: 355 Gal. (1,343 L)
• Size of Oil Inlet: 2"
• Size of Oil Outlet: 4"
• External Supply Required: 40 GPM (151 L/min)
• Pump Capacity: 300 GPM (1,135 L/min)

Electrical Equipment
• Quenching Pump: 10 HP - 3600 RPM
• Hydraulic Pump: 7.5 HP - 1800 RPM

• Floor Space: 49" x 118" (124cm x 299cm)
• Height: 100" (254cm)
• Net Weight: 11,750 lbs. (5,329 kg)
• Shipping Weight (Boxed for Export): 14,000 lbs. (6,350 kg)

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