EISELE PSU-450-CNC-2원형 콜드 톱

형태:원형 콜드 톱
조건:중고 - 좋은
환불 정책:30-일
Stock # :7893


최대 블레이드 직경:18 "
동력:3 hp
치수:160 x 58 x 74

Used Eisele CNC Circular Sawing Center
Model PSU-450-CNC-2 ♦ YEAR: 2000
Stock No. 7893

The flexible CNC-controlled high-performance automatic mitering circular sawing system is designed for the utmost cost-effective production of small and large quantity runs. Ideal for pipe and tube cutting.

The PSU 450 features two controlled axis to ensure accurate material length positioning and miter angle settings. A standard integrated output gripper unit automatically removes the cut piece from the machine and places them at a defined place. Cycle times are dramatically reduced due to the controlled saw stroke and the high-performance, load-independent positioning devices.

Standard Features:
The sorting unit of the PSU is controlled by the program allowing a variety of cuts to be carried out one after another. Miter angles between 30° left and 30° right can be cut automatically. Grippers are automatically moved out of the collision range of the saw unit.
Standard features include:
•Pole-changing, three-phase, 2-speed motor, wired @ 460 volt
•Self-adjusting clamping units
•Clamping units are equipped with clamping-pressure reduction controls
•Automatic positioning and retracting of the grippers out of the collision range
•Flood coolant system
•Hydraulic system

Cutting Capacity: 90 45
Rectangular tube 9.4” x 3.3" 7" x 2.7"
Round tube 6.3" 5.9"

Maximum saw blade diameter: 450 mm (17.7")
Motor speeds (RPM’s): 6/12/24/48
Sawblade speeds (SFM’s): 30/60/120/240
Single stroke feed length: 59”
Electrics: 4.0/4.8 HP, 3 phase
Dimensions: 160” x 58” x 74”
Net Weight: 5,150 lbs.

Equipped with:
•20’ Bundle Loading Magazine
•78” Tilting Roller Conveyor with sorting function
•Beckhoff CNC Control
•Chip Brush
•Mist Lubrication
•Work Light
•Chip Tray


6.3" Eisele PSU-450-CNC-2, Auto miter, Auto sort, 20' bundle mag, cnc control, 59" feed (2000)

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