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모델:MEGA 1600
형태:기어 연마기
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최대 기어 지름 :62.99 "
무게:42 tons
제어반:CNC (Siemens 840C)

technical details:
max. wheel diameter 1600 mm
gear width 980 mm
max. module 30
min. module 1,5
root circle dia. min. 80 mm
grinding stroke max. 1000 mm
max.helical angle 35 °
double strokes/min. 20 - 200
grinding wheel peripheral speeds: 35 - 45 m/sec
grinding wheel diameter 300/400 mm
roll feed 90-900 mm/min
table diameter 1300 mm
table hole 300 mm
depth of hole 300 mm
workpiece weight 8000 kg
grinding spindle drive 30 kW
technical details:
total power requirement 70 kW
weight of the machine ca. 42 t
dimensions of the machine ca. 9 x 8 x 4,5 m


high-performance gear grinder for spur and helical gears.
wear-free due to double pre-loaded hydrostatic guideways for grinding slide,
workpiece slide and workpiece table.
2-bed construction. Temperature stable, vibration absorbing mineral casting machine-beds and column.
Fully-automatic workcycle with grinding to finish dimension.
Generating worm with hydrostatic bearings.
Machine integrated measuring system for profile, flank-line and indexing.
CNC control SIEMENS 840C. HÖFLER software for dialogue controled machine operation, data-input,
programming and diagnosis.
Modem for service and diagnosis by analogue telephone line.
digital drive controllers SIMODRIVE 611D. AC-linear motor 1FN1 and ac-servomotors 1FT6.
Work-process control for 2-flank, single-flank, contact-line and profile-grinding (single-flank).
Dynamical operation wireless automatic grinding wheel balancing.
high-performance grinding spindle with cylindrical expansion pick-up for the grinding wheel.
High-definition width-crowning grinding system, directly controlled by linear motor. Left-hand and
right-hand tooth-flank can be ground with different width-crowning at normal operating speed.
automaticly regulating oil-coolant plant for hydraulic- and grinding oil.
Grinding oil plant with paper-band filter, oil-tanks and high-pressure pumps 6-8 bar

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