WOTAN RAPID 2R/12.5수평 테이블 타입 보링

모델:RAPID 2R/12.5
형태:수평 테이블 타입 보링
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₩85,230,000.00 KRW


스핀들 크기:140 mm
테이블의 X-수평 TVL:3,480 mm
머리의 Y-수직 TVL:1,575 mm
동력:47 kW
분당 회전속도:1600 rpm
테이블 W:1,575 mm
테이블-L:1,981 mm
Z-스핀들 이동:800.1 mm
치수:258 x 222 x 178

One of kind was buildt with (4) pallet system that would transfer pallets to Vertical Machining center. Have all prints machine needs remanufacture or rebuild. with or without pallet system> Machine has Wotan Airostatic wey system capable of exceptional feed rates and rapid travel rates. ISO 50 taper 1600 rpm spindle Full rotary table can either be equipped with 360 deg indexing or full contouring 4th axis


Horizontal boring mill that was removed from service in 1996 control was destroyed machine has been in storage since 1996, machine had been remanufactured by Wotan in 1994. excellent canadate for remanufacture or rebuld to you specs. MACHINE ONE OF A KIND EQUIPPED WITH (4) PALLET SYSTEM 78" SQUARE PALLETS.

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