GIDDINGS & LEWIS G60-FX수평 플로어 타입 보링

형태:수평 플로어 타입 보링
제어:CNC (Giddings & Lewis 8000M CNC Control (New 2002))
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Stock # :1621


스핀들 크기:152.4 mm
골의 X-수평 TVL:7,315 mm
머리의 Y-수직 TVL:2,743 mm
동력:29.8 kW
분당 회전속도:1120 rpm
로타리 테이블 폭:1,219 mm
로타리 테이블 길이:1,829 mm
Z-스핀들 이동:1,219 mm
무게:25,000 Lbs.
제어반:CNC (Giddings & Lewis 8000M CNC Control (New 2002))

#1621 6” Giddings & Lewis CNC Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill

Serial No: 455-17-80
Model: G60-FX
Mfg.: 1980


Spindle Diameter: 6”
Spindle Taper: #50
Vertical Headstock Travel, Y-Axis: 108”
Column Travel, X-Axis: 288”
Spindle Travel, Z-Axis: 48”
Spindle Speeds, Variable: 25-1120 RPM
Feeds, X & Y Axes: .1-300 IPM
Feeds Z-Axis: .1-200 IPM
Feeds, W-Axis: 1-120 IPM
Rapid Traverse: 320 IPM
(2) Giddings & Lewis Rotary Tables on 72” x 72” in-Feed Slides:
Rotary Table Size: (2) 48” x 72”
Work Height: 11.75
Number of T-Slots: 6
Distance Between T-Slot Centers: 8”
Table Weight Capacity: 25,000Lbs
Shot Pin Locations: 4 x 90 Degrees
Clamping: Air

Equipped with:

Giddings & Lewis 8000M CNC Control (New 2002)
40 Station Automatic Tool Changer
Power Draw Bar
Flood & Mist Coolant
Hardened Runway Ways
Roll-Up Way Covers for Runway
Double Anti-Backlash Rack and Pinion on X Axis
Lubricool System
3-Way Column
40 HP Spindle Drive
460/3/60 Cycle

Machine Condition: Very Good
Machine Location: Houston TX


6" Giddings & Lewis CNC Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill, Model G60-FX, s/n 455-17-80, Mfg. 1980, with 8000M CNC Control New in 2002, 40 Station Automatic Tool Changer, Flood & Mist Coolant

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