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최대 기어 지름 :49.21 "

max. gear diameter with outer support 1250 mm
min./max. module 2-25
root circle diameter 80 mm
no. of teeth 12-432 mm
prime numbers up to 150
max. stroke of grinding head 550 mm
max. face width 530 mm
max. helix angle left + right 35°
min./max. grindable angle of approach 14,5-25°
table diameter 1000 mm
diameter and depth of table bore 200 / 250 mm
max. table load 6000 kg
dividing gear diameter approx. 725 mm
dividing gear m 2,52
No. of teeth of dividing gears 288
min./max. diameter of grinding wheel 300/400 mm
grinding wheel width 25, 35, 45 mm
drive of grinding wheel 11 kW
peripheral speed of grinding wheel 35 or 45 m/s
min./max. double strokes of grinding slides 20-200 per min.
feeds stepless 90-900 mm/min.
voltage 380 V 50 Hz
total power required 70 kVA


Reconditioned and modernized in 1996!

The universal gear grinder HOEFLER, Model H 1250, has wear-free guides, and the table hydrostatic slides. This grants highest grinding quality. The numerical control is equipped with a diagnostic system for data communication, central -, interpolation-, and adjustment-processor, as well as for programme memories. The diagnostic system recognizes programme errors and gives information and status messages. Errors are indicated in a plain language. In case of a break down of electric current the grinding wheel leaves the gear immediately to avoid damages. Memory programs simplify the production of gears in series. The machine can grind in one flank -, two flank- or contact line grinding. The CNC drive corrects smallest irregularities. The machine is equipped for meshing and flank line corrections. The machine table is equipped with a regulation of peripheral speed for checking the dividing process.


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