OHLER SA1250블레이드 그라인더 톱

형태:블레이드 그라인더 톱
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환불 정책:30-일


치수:2750 x 1950mm
무게:2200 lb

Technical Data:
Grinding Range: 210 - 1310mm diameter
Tooth Pitches: 8 - 60mm
Grinding Wheel Speed: 22 - 145 strokes/minute, infinitely variable
Grinding Wheel: 300mm diameter
Grinding Wheel Bore: 32 mm
Machine Weight: 1100 kg
Floor Space: 2750 x 1950mm (operating area)
Power Requirement: 2.5 kW


u s e d O H L E R S A 1 2 5 0
Circular Saw Blade Sharpening Machine

The grinding is carried out in clockwise direction with constant rotational movement of the sawblade and continuous contact of the 300mm grinding wheel.
The tooth form is sharpened in the following sequence: Rake Angle - Tooth Cutting Edge - Clearance Angle-Back.
The machine has a precision indexing worm gear with only a few change gears for the machining of all tooth division, independent of the sawblade diameter an adjustable cam plate block for the selection and constant precision of the tooth form including cutting angle and an adjustable cam plate for the sideways chamfering of the rough cutting teeth.
The machine is provided with a preselector for the tooth form, roughing height, grinding wheel infeed and finish grinding. Blade chamfering is easily accomplished with a minimum amount of presets required.
It’s outstanding grinding efficiency with minimum wear of the grinding wheel ensures accurate alignment.
The machine is equipped with an indicated oil lubrication system, ball bearings, adjustable grinding wheel guard with safety cover.

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