COSEN MH-270M수평 밴드 톱

형태:수평 밴드 톱
조건:새로운에서 주식
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위치:North Carolina
Stock # :MH-270M
₩3,403,518.00 KRW


사각 - 능력(높이):152.4 mm
직사각형 - 능역(폭):238.1 mm
원형 - 능력:222.2 mm
사각 - 능력:152.4 mm
타입 (자동, 매뉴얼, 혼합) :Semi
블레이드 폭:25.4 mm
블레이드 두께:0.889 mm
블레이드 길이:2,480 mm
무게:600 lBS

MH-270M Machine Features

— Coolant system.
— Wire blade chip brush.
— Swivel saw frame for miter cutting capability adjustable left cutting angle from 0。 to 60。
— Quick clamping vise, equipped with quick short range sliding device.
— Blade tensioning system fitted with light indicator and fixed screw for blade integrity checking
— Quick blade changeover with no need of tools
— Adjustable material stopper for mass-produced cuts


The MH-270M is an ideal tool for the small to medium machine shop, maintenance shop, metal fabricating shop, school, and limited
run production work. It is a great machine for cutting solids, rounds, squares, and tubing. Its solid construction ensures many years of
reliable and accurate cutting at a high level of performance.

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