LNS EXPRESS 226잡지 형 바 로더

모델:EXPRESS 226
형태:잡지 형 바 로더
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Stock # :326956
₩12,216,300.00 KRW


용량:25.4 mm
바 길이:3.7 m

General Specifications As Per Brochure:

Capacity 1/8" - 1" (3-26mm)
Max Length 12'
overall length: 16'-5"
Maximum Feed Rate: 4000 IPM
Maximum Torque: 42n/3 ft
Loading Time: 30 sec
Rack Capacity: 11.6" wide w/
Central Diameter Adjustment
Minimum Bar Stock Length: 1200 mm
Maximum Remnant Length: 15"
GM Fanuc PLC and AC servo drive
all bar movements are monitored by the Fanuc absolute encoder
electronic synchronization of the machine and bar feed
(no mechanical link synchronization required) is automatically adjusted
according to bar diameter input tool breakage is monitored electronically

Equipped with:
Remnant retract
Automatic steady rest
For fixed head stock or sliding headstock lathes

Approximate replacement costs: $31,000

Additional bearing sets, remnant collets, pushers & spindle liners available.. P.O.R.

Was configured for a Citizen B20V CNC Swiss Lathe


LNS Hydrobar Express 226, 1/8" - 1"x12', 4,000 IPM, 80 - 100 PSI , 1998, Sliding or fixed headstock

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