SCHMIDT TEMPO G-400블레이드 그라인더 톱

형태:블레이드 그라인더 톱
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·Working speed steplessly adjustable, from 40 to 200 teeth per minute.
·Built-in high-low-shift to grind the height difference between roughing and finishing tooth in one turn.
·Exactly guided rigid sawblade arbor, adjustable in height for chamfering.
·Separate motors for indexing gear and grinding wheel.
·Large grinding wheel (200mm diameter) brings high performance.
·Three different tooth forms (straight, flat and highly curved) to be selected by selection lever.
Automatic infeed of the grinding wheel to the saw blade, electro-mechanical design, infeed depth preselectable between 0 and 3.8mm.

Electrical Equipment:
Equipment is designed for 220 or 440 Volt, 3 phase, 60 cycles electric supply.
1Three-phase motor, 0.25 kW, 2800 rpm, totally enclosed (IP 44) for indexing.
1Three-phase motor, 0.75 kW, 2800 rpm, totally enclosed (IP 44) for grinding wheel.
2Motor overload protection switches, wiring, main switch, control board and indication lights.

Standard Equipment:
1Set of change gears (with 32, 36, 40, 40 & 48 teeth).
1Grinding wheel, 200mm (8”) diameter, 32mm bore.
1Grinding wheel adapter with 80mm flanges.
1Saw blade support.
1Operator’s tool kit & instruction manual.
1Saw blade clamping fixture (with 32, 38, 40 & 50mm centering collars).


Floor standing model, suitable for fully automatic sharpening of HSS and segmental circular saw blades with standard tooth forms (straight back, curved back, high-low tooth) from 120mm to 400mm diameter.

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