EMAG슬리터 및 슬리팅라인

형태:슬리터 및 슬리팅라인
Stock # :8895


공작물의 최대 폭:60 "
공작물 최대 두께 (인치):0.3125 "

60" x 9" x 40,000# Emag Slitting Line

Material: CR, P&O
Thickness: 0.3125" @ 55,000 PSI Max.

Consisting of the following:

-Entry Coil Car:
"L" Type
Self Contained Hyd.
Pushbutton Pendant Control
Backplate to "V" center of platform: 42"
Width of platform: 52"
Motor: Approx. 7.5 HP Hydraulic motor / pump,
480 Volt

-Mandrel Uncoiler:
64" Face Mandrel
20" - 24" Expansion Range
4 Segment Mandrel
Hydraulic Expansion
Threading Drive
Slide Base
Air Brake
Passline: Approx. 53" from floor to center of

-Free Standing Overarm Holddown & Peeler
Powered Holddown Roll
4 Roll Coil Breaker

-Hydraulic Crop Shear

-Slitter Head: (1) Removable Head
9" Diameter Arbors
Entry Passline Roll
Entry Edge Guides
Entry Pinch Rolls - Powered
Bottom arbor adjusted by jackscrews
20 HP Baldor 1760 RPM AC Feedup Drive,
220/440 V thru Alton Reducer with 31.39:1
Ratio rated at 36.8 HP, 1.0 Serv. Factor
Overrunning Clutch
15 HP Reliance 1765 RPM DC Motor,
Helper Drive belt driven to Pinion Stand
Pinion Stand with 6:1 Ratio (Approx)
Less Tooling

-Threading Table to Recoiler

20" Dia. x 64" Face Drum
Manual Grip and Expansion
Hyd. Pushoff
Overarm Separator
200 HP DC Motor, 500/2000 RPM
Reducer with approx. 28:1 Reduction Ratio
Alton Reducer

-Exit Coil Car:
Pit Type
"V" Platform: 20" from edge of platform to
Platform Width: 65.50"
7.5 HP, 208 / 230 / 460 Volt Hydraulic Motor /
Piston Length: 42"
(4) 4" Dia. Guide Rods: 40" L
Vert. Travel of Coil Car Platform: 20" Approx.

-Hydraulic Power Units

-Operators Control Panel

-Line Speed: 90 / 370 FPM (Bare Drum Speed)

-Right to Left Line Direction

-Line is in storage: Rockford, IL


60" x 9" x 40,000# Emag Slitting Line
Complete Line, In Storage: Rockford, IL