TAYLOR WINFIELD ENE-12-100현장 및 프로젝션 용접기

형태:현장 및 프로젝션 용접기
Serial # :72632
Stock # :6107


동력:100 kV·A


Taylor Winfield Projection Welder:

Model # ENE-12-100

100 KVA, 440 Volt, Single Phase, 60 Hz.

3.86 – 9.15 Secondary Volts

52,000 Short Circuit Secondary Amperes

8-Step, Series/Parallel Transformer Tap Switch

12” Throat Depth to centerline of platens

6” diameter Adjustable Stroke Air Cylinder

2,260 lbs. Weld Force @ 80 PSI

6” x 6” Projection Platens with 3.5” Slot spacing

Machine Initiation will be Dual Opti-touch Initiation Buttons mounted to the machine ram, knee or a movable “T” Stand.

Machine is equipped with a Weld Computer AC Inverter with advance current and expansion monitoring. Weld control to include the following:

400 amp IGBT assembly
Industrial Enclosure with 100 amp circuit breaker
8 Khz constant current adjustment ( 67 points of adjustment instead of 1 for standard single phase AC
Keyboard and full LCD for graphing features
Current Monitoring option with graphing like WeldView monitor
Expansion monitoring with graphing like WeldView monitor
Linear encoder 1um with 6” range
Built in weld data archive
Displacement zero & weld/no weld switch
Heat Stepper

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