FEDERAL PA-1-18/24현장 및 프로젝션 용접기

형태:현장 및 프로젝션 용접기
Serial # :651681-1
Stock # :6028


동력:100 kV·A
스로트:18 "


One (1) to be Refurbished Federal heavy duty vertical action Press Type Combination Projection & Spot Welder, air-operated & water-cooled:

Federal Model PA-1-18/24, S/N 651681-10

RWMA Size 1 frame

100 KVA, 220 Volts primary, single phase, 60 Hz

51,000 max secondary amps available per nameplate

400-amp service recommended on 220V primary

18” throat as a projection welder at centerline of ram

24” throat as a spot welder, measured to spot welding tips

2.5” dia. spot welding arms mounted on T-slotted platens

Electrode (tip) holders to suit application

6” x 6” T-slotted platens, with 3.5” T-slot spacing

5” diameter adjustable stroke air cylinder

“High Lift” retraction feature, foot switch activated

1,570 pounds of weld force available @ 80 PSI

8-step tap switch, with series/parallel feature

3.61 to 10.0 secondary voltage range, adjustable with tap

16 steps of coarse heat regulation

FRL (air filter, regulator, lubricator & gauge)

2-stage shrouded foot switch initiation as a spot welder

Dual palm buttons for projection welding are optional

Refurbished Entron Model 200 digital welder control

Welder and control refurbished per the attached document

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