ARGO A56 APC수직 머시닝 센터

모델:A56 APC
형태:수직 머시닝 센터
제어:CNC (Fanuc 0iMC)
판매자:판매자가 누군지보기 ...
Stock # :2530


X:508 mm
Y:406.4 mm
Z:406.4 mm
동력:11.2 kW
분당 회전속도:12000 rpm
# ATC:24
테이블 W:406.4 mm
테이블-L:647.7 mm
치수:8 x 12
제어반:CNC (Fanuc 0iMC)

Argo Seiki A-56+ APC CNC Vertical Machining Center w/Rotary Pallet Changer, New 2005

Approx. 5800 Hours Cutting Hours

Number of Pallets 2
Pallet Size 23.62" x 15.75"
Maximum Work Piece Weight 440 LBS
X-Axis Travel 22"
Y-Axis Travel 16.14"
Z-Axis Travel 16.14"
Spindle Speeds 12,000 RPM
Maximum Tapping Speed 6,000 RPM
Spindle Motor 10 HP
Spindle Taper CAT 40
Automatic Tool Changer Capacity 24
Approx. Tool Change Time - Chip to Chip 2.5 Seconds
Approx. Tool Change Time - Tool to Tool 1.25 Seconds
Maximum Feed Rate on All Axes 590 IPM
Rapid Rate on All Axes 1890 IPM
Approximate Machine Dimensions 70" x 120" x 98"H
Approximate Machine Weight 11,000 LBS

Equipped With:
Fanuc OiM-CCNC Control
Rotary Pallet Changer
12,000 RPM Spindle (Standard is 8000)
Optional 24 Station Side Mount ATC
Chip Conveyor
Chip Auger
Macro "B"
Coordinate Rotation & Scaling
PCMCIA Slot + 256K Memory

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