모델:OPAL 800
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조건:중고 - 좋은
제어:CNC (Siemens)
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최대 기어 지름 :1,000 mm
무게:38,978 lbs
제어반:CNC (Siemens)

Machine Type: G1006 Gear Grinders, N/C & CNC
Machine Mfg.: Oerliken Maag
Model: Opal 800
Year: 1997

CNC gear profile grinding machine for grinding spur & helical gears with module 1 to 12mm & max. outside diameter of 1000mm (39.37”). Max. weight on rotary table 1500 kg (3300 lbs).

Control CNC Conversational with Siemens S5 PLC, Grossenbacher controller & Dittel balancing unit.

Machine Data:
Feed slide (Axial grinding motion, H-axis stroke) 650mm (25.6”)
Feed speed, min./max. 60/6000 mm/min (2.3/236 ipm)
Infeed column motion, radial, Y-axis (Infeed stroke) 600mm (23.6”)
Infeed rate, min./max. 30/600 mm/min (1.18/23.6 ipm)
Rapid traverse rate 4000 mm/min (157.5 ipm)
Grinding spindle mounting (U-axis) axial adjustment stroke, manual +/- 1,5 mm
Dressing unit (P-and R-axes) Dressing wheel dia., min/max 50/142 mm (1.96”/5.59”)
Dressing speed range, min/max 1000/5000 rpm
Dressing stroke, radial (R-axis) 70mm (2.75”)
Dressing stroke, axial (P-axis) 70mm (2.75”)
Grinding spindle speeds (rpm according to chosen circumferential speed, continuously adjustable.
Grinding spindle power rating 15kw

Work Piece Data:
Tip diameter max 1000mm (39.37”)
Root circle diameter min 40mm (1.57”)
Module min/max 1mm/16mm (0.39”/0.629”)
Number of teeth max. 999
Helix angle +/- 45 degrees
Face width max. 630mm (24.8”)
Work piece weight with fixture max 1500 kg (3300lbs)
Work piece length between centers max 1220mm (48.03”)
Profile correction (with cnc dressing unit)

Interlit Joistgen Gmg Paper filter Mdl STUF-150-1000
Ernst H Furrer AG Fluid temp controller Digital
Hoffman Mist collector Type DT40/NW250
Rotary dresser, Stock divider, Grinding spindles I 2000/5000 rpm, Grinding spindle II 2500/8000rpm,
Auto dynamic balancing spindle I, 2-Additional spindles, Manual stock divider arm & readout,
Spare R & P axis drive.

Floor space approx. (L,W,H) 8.3x6.0x4.0m (327”x236”x157”)
Total net weight approx. 17680kg (38,978 lbs)


Under power in customers plant

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