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Messer MPC 2012 Precision Plasma/Oxygen Cutting System 20' Max Cutting Length MG Hypertherm Navigator II CNC Color Controls


미터에 사양 변환
컷 -폭
12 '
절단 길이
20 '
플라즈마 전원
400 a
#플라즈마 토치
래피드 이송속도
1000 inpm

Pre-Owned Messer Model MPC 2012 Precision Plasma / Oxygen Cutting System

General Specifications
Maximum Cutting Width 12’
Maximum Cutting Length 20’
MG Hypertherm Navigator II CNC Color Controls
- RS 232 Communications Port
Standard Shape Library
Fully Functional Multi Tasking
(2) Hypertherm HT4400 400 Amp Plasma Power Source
Dry Oxygen Cutting
PL1 PLasma Lifter
Liquid Cooled, Quick Disconnect Torch
Interlogic RSVP 421 Torch Lifters
- Air / Water Chiller
Torch Guard Collision Protection
Manual Gas Console With LED Status
Harris Oxygen Torch Stations
Motorized Lifters
(2) Hypertherm Arc Writer Marking Stations
HIgh Speed Marking , Dimpling for drill starts, Scoring,
4-19 Amps
Ability to mark on wet or oily plate

Left Hand Overhead Power Track with Gleason Reels
115 lb Per Yard Heavy Duty Crane Rail
Linear Motion Y Axis Ways
Ballasted Water Table
Front & Rear Rail Cleaners

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