KNUTH DL E HEAVY 620/3000엔진 선반

모델:DL E HEAVY 620/3000
형태:엔진 선반
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Stock # :300506


스윙:1,245 mm
중심:2,997 mm
스핀들 보어:127 mm
동력:22 kW
분당 회전속도:400 rpm
치수:240" x 74" x 76"
무게:25410 (LBS)

30 Hp motor ensures high cutting power
Induction hardened and ground guide ways
Large spindle bearings
Heavy-duty cast-iron body with ribbed bed reduces vibrations to a minimum
Joystick control for X and Z feeds is mounted directly to support
Separate rapid feed motor for feed in X and Z direction
Overload clutch enclosed in apron
Sturdy multi-disk clutch for headstock drive

3-axis position indicator

More accuracy
Lower error rate
Increased productivity
Resulting in valuable time savings
For increased productivity
Easy to read display
Operator-specific features
Convenient keyboard layout
Resolution: 0.0004 / 0.0002"
Default coordinates
Axis position is maintained when display is turned off
Hole circle pattern calculation
Storage for 10 tools
Calculator function
Radius / diameter toggle
Mm/inch conversion
Easy expansion and maintenance-free operation
Display for top (Z0) and box way slide (Z1) both separate and in differential / cumulative mode for lathes

Includes completely assembled 3-axis position indicator


Spindle bore of 5.1", large turning diameter and large center widths maximum stability and high accuracy for roughing and finishing operations


KNUTH DL E HEAVY 620/3000 (1.45메가 바이트)
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