KNUTH SBF 32 TV 1000헤비 듀티 & 민감한 싱글 스핀들 드릴

모델:SBF 32 TV 1000
형태:헤비 듀티 & 민감한 싱글 스핀들 드릴
조건:새로운에서 주식
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Stock # :101572


스윙:508 mm
동력:1.1 kW
분당 회전속도:3200 rpm
치수:35" x30" x 67 "
무게:748 (LBS)

Drilling and Milling - A true added value for a low price

Compound sliding table with scale and adjustable stops for coordinate drilling and light milling work
Quiet operation with oil-bath lubricated gears for long tool life and durability
The milling machine's high-quality spindle bearing can withstand higher loads for the long term
Manual drill feed can be switched to high-precision feed via a hand-wheel
Adjustable height of gear head and table
Table guides are adjustable with high precision via taper gibs
Gear head swivels to both sides
Cutter mounts are secured by a drawbar
Tapping feature
Integrated coolant system


Universal Skill Package for the Shop Floor - Drilling, Thread cutting, and Milling

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