KNUTH R 60 V레이디 얼 드릴

모델:R 60 V
형태:레이디 얼 드릴
조건:새로운에서 주식
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Stock # :101649


암 길이:1.2 m
동력:4 kW
분당 회전속도:2000 rpm
치수:98" x 41" x 109 "
무게:8360 (LBS)

Base, column, boom and gear head are made of premium high-quality cast
Major design features include a large column and a highly torsion-resistant boom
Boom height adjustment via a powerful motorized drive and vertical spindle
The boom lifting gears run in an oil-bath for maximum reliability and minimum wear
Advanced column swivel design with optimized clamping features maximum rigidity and minimum clamping offset
Swivel axis and travel axis feature extremely smooth operation to make the operator's everyday production work easier
The gears feature hardened and precision-ground chrome-nickel steel gears for smooth and low-noise operation
All gear parts are lubricated reliably via oil pump
The main spindle runs on precision bearings and features an automatic spindle brake

Proven performance, quality and cost-effectiveness

Quill teeth are precision-ground for a smooth feed and minimum wear
The drill head moves on hardened and ground guideways
All models feature adjustable overload clutches in the feeds
Adjustable boring depth stop with large, easy to read scale and Nonius
All operator controls are placed within reach for convenient and practical handling and quick learning
Powerful coolant system with coolant reservoir integrated into the machine foot

Optimum size/performance ratio and a new drive technology make this a bestseller
Infinitely variable spindle speed and easy to read digital display
The quills feature guided counterweights for easy handling and increased safety
Independent hydraulic clamping: boom can be moved vertically without losing the spindle-to-bore alignment
Drill head and column can be clamped/released together or separately with the push of a button
A central lubrication system ensures reliable lubrication of the column


KNUTH Radial Drill Presses - Perfect in every detail, powerful, rigid and easy to handle


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