KNUTH ABS 560 L수평 밴드 톱

모델:ABS 560 L
형태:수평 밴드 톱
조건:새로운에서 주식
Stock # :152771


사각 - 능력(높이):22 "
직사각형 - 능역(폭):22 "
원형 - 능력:22 "
사각 - 능력:22 "
동력:5.4 hp
타입 (자동, 매뉴얼, 혼합) :Auto
블레이드 폭:1.61 "
블레이드 두께:0.05 "
블레이드 길이:236 "
치수:138" x 41" x 81"
무게:4422 (LBS)

Torsionally rigid machine frame made of a robust steel construction with high-quality linear guides
Proven material feed system with hardened workpiece guide rollers and hydraulic workpiece clamping
Shorter machining times are made possible by an advanced hydraulic saw frame feed design, including a new pressure control system to master any sawing tasks - infinitely variable setting of feed speed and cutting pressure
All required settings are accessible and clearly labeled at the second control valve for easy adjustments
Optical registration of the workpiece height allows empty runs in rapid feed mode for an optimum change-over to work feed and limiting of the vertical saw frame travel - everything is automated to reduce operator work load
The automatic saw blade guiding system synchronizes the band saw guide according to material cross-section


A new generation of fully automated high-performance band saws - more automation, faster cuts and less down-time

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