MAXIEM 1530워터젯 절단기

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펌프 아웃풋:50,000 PSI
X-축 이동:120.5 "
Y-축 이동:62.01 "
Z-축 이동:12.01 "
테이블 크기 - W:68.5 "
테이블 사이즈-L:146 "
동력:40 hp

• Fast cutting speeds and high precision that is backed by our exclusive Intelli-MAX® Software with real world cutting data
• Programmable Motorized Z-Axis with a precision OMAX MAXJET®5i Nozzle boosts productivity and process efficiency
• Drive system protected against water, dirt, and grit
• Powerful all-in-one controller computer with large 23” screen
• Highly efficient, industry-proven direct drive pumps available up to 40 hp with operating efficiencies up to 85%
• Free Intelli-VISOR® SE System Monitoring simplifies routine maintenance planning to minimize downtime
• Optional Rapid Water Level Control for quiet submerged cutting
• Optional Bulk Abrasive Feed Assembly transports garnet from the assembly’s large hopper into the Zero Downtime Hopper located at the Programmable Motorized Z-Axis
• Optional Variable Speed Solids Removal System (VS-SRS) designed for industrial use increases uptime through automated solids removal
• Factory tested as a complete system before shipping


Designed for a wide range of machining needs, the MAXIEM 1530 sets a higher standard for precision abrasive waterjet machining. The rigid tank design is scaled to handle common plate sizes with room to spare. The advanced linear motion system uses, digital linear encoders to provide instant micron-level cutting head position feedback to the Windows® 10 controller to assure accurate part production. Equipped with a diamond-integrated MAXJET 5i nozzle, the 1530 can cut virtually any material quickly and efficiently, maximizing profitability.

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