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스윙:3,048 mm
중심:4,877 mm
플레인 또는 앵글 헤드:Plain
연마 휠 직경:762 mm
휠 동력:14.9 kW

120" x 192" Norton Plain OD Cylindrical Grinder (1987)

Specifications and Equipment

Swing In Gap: 120"
Swing Over Table: 32"
Maximum Opening of Gap: 120"
Distance Between Centers: 180"
Max Dist Between Face of Workhead to Tailstock: 192"
Min Dist Between Face of Workhead to Tailstock: 72"
Maximum Wheel Size: 30" dia x 3" Wide
Wheelhead in Feed: 13"
Max Dia Ground with 30" Wheel: 16" dia
Equipped With: Misc Chucks, Misc Steady Rest, Assorted Wheels (New) Paper Filtration System, Coolant System and Splash Guards, Diamond Dresser, Operators Platform, Automatic Way Lube, Air Lift Assist to Workhead and Swivel Table for Ease in Adjustment, Current Electrical Arrangement: 440/3/60, 20HP Grinding wheel motor,4 speed workhead motor, 3 hp DC variable speed wheelhead traverse motor