TOS OHA 16 B기어 샤프너

모델:OHA 16 B
형태:기어 샤프너
조건:중고 - 우수
Serial # :0460060
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최대 기어경:159.7 mm

Gear Shaping Machine; Make: TOS; Model: OHA 16 B; Sr. Nr.: 0460060; Year: 1991
Max. gear cutting diameter; external 20 – 160 mm
Max. gear cutting diameter; internal 160 mm
Max. workpiece diameter; for external / internal gears 400 / 250 mm
Max. gear width 45 mm
Module 4
Length of stroke 0 – 50 mm
Stroke position adjustment via adjustment of axial shaper slide 170 mm
Strokes, infinitely variable (2 steps) 180 – 1,120 per min
Shaper spindle taper MK 4 / Diameter; 45 mm
Table Diameter; 188 mm
Table bore 80 mm
Mounting height between table & shaper head, min./max. 56 / 278 mm
Mounting height between table & upper spindle, left /right 60 / 190 mm
Down feed 0.02 – 0.2 mm/stroke
Radial infeed 0.07 – 1.43 mm/stroke
Total electrical load 10 kW - 380 V - 50 Hz
Weight 5,000 kg
Accessories / Special Features:
Machine has a fixed workpiece table and a radially moving tool slide. Maximum axial adjustment of shaper head, with automatic retraction.
Input is possible for automatic working cycles, including roughing and finishing cycles, with or without infeed depth of tool.
Stroke position can be selected by adjusting the shaper slide approx. 170 mm. (Ideal for internal gears.)
Machine Equipped with:
*Hydrostatic Spur Guide;
*Full Set of Change Gears;
*Automatic tool slide, with inclined lift-up on return stroke;
*Hydraulic table clamping unit;
*Separate hydraulic unit;
* Large Coolant Equipment with Magnetic chip conveyor;
* Fully covered working area with sliding doors;

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