DEZHOU 120X8000MM깊은 구멍 훈련

형태:깊은 구멍 훈련
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드릴링 직경:120 mm
깊이 드릴링:8,000 mm

Used deep hole drilling and boring machine

Manufacturer: DEZHOU
The range of drilling diameter: 60-120mm
The range of boring diameter: 800mm
The range of boring depth: 8000mm
Workpiece clamped dia. range by chuck: 400-1250mm
Workpiece clamped dia. range by steady rest: 270-950mm
Workpiece clamped dia. range by roller support: 600-1200mm
The height of center: 800mm
Range and kinds of spindle speed: 3-120 r/min three grade stepless
Range of feeding speed: 0.5-300mm/min (stepless)
Range of rapid speed of carriage: 2000mm/min
The power of main motor: N=45kw
Range and kinds of drilling box speed: 32-400r/min (12 kinds)
Cool pump motor power: N=22kw n=1440r/min (2 groups)
The rated pressure of cooling system: 2.5MPa
The flow of cooling system: 100-800L/min
The max. weight of workpiece: 20T

The machine is located in the factory near Shanghai in China.