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Stock # :7557


스윙:584.2 mm
중심:1,829 mm
스핀들 보어:57.15 mm
동력:14.9 kW
슬라이드 위 스윙:330.2 mm
치수:12"x 5' x 5"
무게:9200 (LBS)

We are pleased to offer, subject to prior sale and our conditions of sale, the following item for your consideration:

Pre-Owned AXELSON 23” x 72” HD Lathe - Model 20x72 – S/N 3924

General Specifications, Approximate
Subject to Verification
Swing over bed 23”
Swing over cross slide 13”
Distance between centers 72”
Spindle nose D1-8
Spindle bore 2.25”
Spindle speeds (24) 9.5 to 961 RPM
Tailstock taper #5MT
Width of bed 22”
Threads (54) 1.5 to 92 TPI
Feeds (54) .023 to .185 IPR
Main motor 20 HP, 220/440V
Approx weight 9200#
Approx dimensions 12’L x 5’W x 5’H

Complete with:
- 12” 3 jaw chuck
- Hardened ways
- QC tool post
- Power rapid traverse on longitudinal
- Taper attachment with bed clamp
- 2 speed tailstock

Inventory #7557


Very good, heavy duty/heavy pattern tool room lathe, runs very well!

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