ADIRA SM-0630전원 제곱 가위 (인치)

형태:전원 제곱 가위 (인치)
조건:새로운에서 주식
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₩57,496,158.00 KRW


최대 두께:6.35 mm
블레이드의 길이:3 m
동력:7.5 kW
분당 평방미터:28 spm
치수:11.6' x 7.5' x 5.7'
무게:11,900 lbs.

- Hydraulic shear of the swing beam type
- Welded frame and blade beam, mono block type
- Back gauge swinging up at the end of stroke to allow for plates wider than the back gauge range to be cut
- Automatic swing up of the back gauge during the cut
- Device for the quick and synchronized adjustment of the blade clearance
- Small rake angle guaranteeing a minimum twist of the cut-offs
- Cutting length easily programmed on the integrated CNC control
- Hold-down pressure is considerable and completely proportional to the shearing force itself, preventing thin and delicate materials from being marked.

Adira is proud to introduce the new range of shears, the Guimadira SM series.
Entirely manufactured in Portugal, Guimadira shear SM series are the ideal solution for users demanding technology and quality with an affordable investment.

We offer shears that are productive, sturdy, precise, reliable, and easy to operate.

At the same time we are offering the tradition and trust of a manufacturer with over 50 years market leadership, the ingenuity of our engineers, and the competence of our after sales service.

Guimadira SM shears comply with the essential health and safety regulations of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE.


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