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최대 기어경:304.8 mm
무게:13,600 lbs

(2) Gleason 12B Straight Bevel Generator

Reciprocating Cutting Tools. Both Sides Of Each Tooth Are Cut On A Single Generating Roll. Cutter Relieving. Roll Reversing Mechanism. Rough And Finish Cycles By Generating Roll. Double Acting Hydraulic Chucking Stock Dividing Gauge. Handwheel For Manual Positioning. Cutting Tools In Universal Holder. Work Holding Arbor. Large Assortment of Change Gears. Gleason Cutter Setter.

Longest Cone Distance (2.75" - 3.5" Face) 12"
Longest Cone Distance (1" Face) 11-1/8"
Shortest Cone Distance 0
Maximum Pitch Angle (Angular Gears) 105°
Maximum Pitch Angle (Shafts at 90 degrees) 84° 18'
Maximum Pitch Angle 5° 42'
Extreme Ratio 10/1
Longest Face 3.5"
Stroke Length .5" - 4.25"
Index Range (Number of Teeth) 10-200
Number of Teeth in Miters (Minimum) 12
Largest Pitch 3 DP
Diameter of taper hole, large end 3-29/32"
Taper per Foot 39/64"
Depth of Taper 6"
Diameter of Hole 15.75" Deep 3.25"
Spindle Nose to Center Line 2.5" - 15"
Diameter of hole through 3-1/16"
Tool Speeds (13) 65-500 SPM
Main Motor 3 HP 1800 RPM
Pump Motor 1.5 HP 1200 RPM
Floor Space 76" x 56"
Net Weight 13,600 lbs


(2) Gleason 12B Straight Bevel Generator

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