MG SRL MH-340핀치 등의 플레이트 벤딩 롤

형태:핀치 등의 플레이트 벤딩 롤
조건:중고 - 우수
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환불 정책:30-일


롤 길이:3 m
(초기화 / 더블 핀치 또는 피라미드):DBL PINCH
최대 두께:40.01 mm
파워 후면 롤:Yes
동력:29.8 kW
롤 직경:449.6 mm

40mm x 3,000mm (1.575" x 10') 2012 MG (Italy) 4-Roll Model MH-340 Hydraulic Double Initial Pinch Plate Bending Machine.
Roll bending machine dual pre-pinch planetary
–latest hydraulic technology 4 roll model MH340
(3000 x 40 mm ) year 2012 made in Italy
-Width of plate: 3000 mm
-thickness of plate rolling 40 mm
-thickness of plate pre-bending 32 mm
-plate yield strength 255 N/mm2.
-Rolls dimensions: -Upper roll mm. 450
–pinch roll mm. 420 -side rolls mm. 360
-Surface length of the rolls mm. 3100
Installed configuration:
-Electric power 40 Hp
- Voltage North America 600 Vac.
-Rolls hardening surface treatment 54 / 58 Hrc.
-Conical bending device with hydraulic angular tilting of the lower rolls and hardened sliding system
-Adjustable pinch pressure against the plate to compensate the rolls deflection under load.
-Digital position readout on side forming rollers with memory preset position and accurate repeatability.
-Driven rolls rotation with independent hydraulic motor and axial gear unit on the two central rollers upper and lower.
-Each central roll is powered individual with axial coupling of planetary gear unit and hydraulic motor.
-Adjustment of side rolls independently one from another with planetary displacement to perform the double pinch plate pre-bending.
-Hydraulic power from centralized unit self enclosed with multiple pumps for simultaneous bending operations
-Automatic hydraulic speed controller of the driven rolls with overload safety protection.
-Operation control unit with centralized electric console movable on wheels around the machine.
The control panel is equipped with all the electric and digital units to fully control the machine and the reading of working parameters.
-Safety devices in compliance with CE norm.


40mm x 3,000mm (1.575" x 10') MG (Italy) 4-Roll Model MH-340 Hydraulic Double Initial Pinch Plate Bending Machine. New in 21012.