HPM유압 프레스

형태:유압 프레스
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톤수:1,088.623 t
스트로크:1,880 mm
데이라이트:3,975 mm
베드 폭:1,524 mm
베드 길이:1,676 mm

Previously used to produce two (2) 75mm Shell Casings simultaneously!
Ram stroke: 74” (1,880mm)
Daylight: 156-1/2” (3,975mm)
Bed F-to-B: 60” (1,524mm)
Bed L-to-R: 66" (1,676mm)
Shut height: 70” (1,778mm)
(Tool bolster to Ram tools)
Main Ram speeds:
closing: 1,000 ipm (423mm/sec)
pressing: 600 ipm (254mm/sec)
opening: 1,000 ipm (423mm/sec)
Ejector travel: 48” (1,219mm)
Ejector force: 100 tons

H.P.M. Equipment:
Axial piston type pumps:
x) Model-size - PFA-120
Number - two\
Displacement (GPM) -120 each
Ingersol - Rand Motor Pumps:
Model - 1-1/2 R VH-15
Number - two
Cooling & Pilot Pumps:
Model - 45V 60 A
Number - two
Displacement (GPM) - 60 each

Press Frame Construction:
Bolster Plate - solid steel 66" x 60" x 8" Thick
Adjustable Gib Guides
Emergency stops
Pressure connections
Oil Supply System
H.P.M. Control System
Emergency reverse
Adjustable Stroke
Automatic Pressure Reversal
Automatic Position Reversal
Automatic Slow Down of Slide
Inching Control