N. FERRARA 8-10-3500/2HI-4HI-B-F-DR1200-REV-V-CRM228-0606롤링 밀


N. Ferrara 2HI/4HI Rolling mills are equipped with amply proportioned rolling housings designed for excellent rigidity in finished rolling. The mill is equipped with plain finished alloy steel rolls. All roll face ends are beveled to 45° and taper ground to aproximately 0.010'' from the ends of the rolls. Rolls operate in heavy duty roller bearings and are equipped with anti friction thrust bearings to prevent lateral movement. For precise roll adjustments the mill is furnished with a double outboard gear. The use of an interlocking device allows for simultaneous or individual adjustment to the adjusting screws. Adjusting screws are made of alloy steel with hardened steel plates to allow for maximum durability. Manual single wheel screw down allows for rapid roll change between passes. Pinion gear is specially designed using hardened alloy steel gear with heavy duty friction bearing to provide a smooth finish. Mill motor is coupled to a combination reducer and herringbone pinion stand. The reducer and pinion stand are equipped with anti friction bearings drive from the reducer and pinion stand to the rolls is provided through the use of universal joint couplings. Vertically adjustable entry and exit tables provides accurate alignment through the use of plain side guides and cleaning pads. 1200 lb. capacity double recoiler assembly to maintain perfect alignment between recoiler and rolls. Recoiler shaft is keyed and equipped with an air operated clutch . All N. Ferrara machinery is designed and built with pride in the USA. A variety of other models and options are available. Please contact our sales team for additional information.


86''W x 132''L x 120''H
16,000 lbs. (7,273Kg)

Metal Capacity: 0.080-0.003'' thick, Diameter of Rolls: 8'' (203mm), Width of Rolls: 10'' (252mm), Diameter of Work Rolls: 3.5'' (89mm), Roll Speed: 100 F.P.M., Rolls: Driver, Mill Motor Horsepower: 40 HP, Screw Down: Manual, Electical Current: 190/220-380/480 V, 3 PH, 60 Cy,

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