N. FERRARA 25 KG연속 주조설비

모델:25 KG
형태:연속 주조설비
조건:새로운에서 주식


치수:36"W x 60"L x 40"H
무게:1350 lbs

Melting Capacity: 25 KG Crucible, 25 KG per hour, Voltage: 208/220, Phase: 3, Amper: 72.6, Maximum Width Capacity: 5.5'',


N. Ferrara 25KG Continuous Casting Machines are equipped with heavy duty HR steel construction with removable top. Silicone carbide heating elements are designed to provide trouble free use. Unique design allows for quick and easy element replacement. Furnace chambers are insulated with multiple layers of high quality refractory for maximum thermal efficiency. Furnace operates internally under inert atmosphere gas to minimize oxidation of crucible and die. Multi zone heating system allows for better heat curve accuracy. Microprocessor controlled temperature settings with time proportion and cycle rate calibrated for Type K thermocouple 0-2400°F for close line control (includes Hi-Limit safety feature). Cooling system specially designed with pressure less cooling chamber and precision flow meter control to accurately monitor cooling. Integrated withdrawal mechanism designed with mechanical and electronic interface, and electronically controlled motor dive with processor pulse. All N. Ferrara machinery is designed and built with pride in the USA. A variety of other models and options are available. Please contact our sales team for additional information.

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