N. FERRARA HY300T-S-US드로잉 프레스

형태:드로잉 프레스
조건:새로운에서 주식


- Maximum Pressure: 300 Ton
-Maximum Stroke: 2.5''
-Table Dimensions: 11'' x 20''
-Daylight Opening: 7''
-Motor: 10 HP
-Volts: 190/240-380/440 V, 3 PH, 50/60 CY.
-Overall Dimensions: 32''W x 40''L x 65''H
-Weight: 3350 lbs


-Single and continuous striking available
-Air cooled hydraulic oil
-Motor and pump separate from oil tank allowing for less heat build up and extremely easy maintenance
-60% faster in cycle time and most importance in pressure build up
-Electronic microprocessor controls

N. Ferrara Inc designs and manufactures a full line of Hydraulic Presses to provide press solutions for all our customers' requirements. We offer a variety of presses manufactured in house that include a selection of tonnage and designs. All our Presses are engineered and produced with high quality parts and heavy duty construction to ensure the highest degree of machinery that produces minimal deviation and achieves precision and reliability.

Our machines are capable of numerous applications including Blanking, Clamping, Coining, Embossing, Drawing, Forming, Injection Molding, Powder Compacting, Forging, Trimming and more. Some options offered for our Hydraulic presses include Hot plate, Choppers, Ejectors, Digital Counters, Oil Coolers, Uncoilers, and Automatic Feeds.

-Hydraulic Press
-Pneumatic Press
-Up Stroke Press
-Down Stroke Press
-Extrusion Hydraulic Press
-Coining Press
-Embossing Press
-Forming Press
-Forging Press

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