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동력:50 kV·A
스로트:400 mm

Tecna Press Type Spot Welder, Model LTP 4666NA:

50 KVA @ 50% Duty Cycle,

17,900 Short Circuit Secondary Amperes,

6.3 Secondary Voltage,

Dual Voltage: 220V-440V, Single Phase, 60 Hz.,

Rugged Welded Steel Frame,

Built-in Microprocessor Control Model TE90
with Dual Current, Dual Weld Time, Upslope
and Pulsation,

Digital Phase Shift Weld Current adjustment
From 01% to 99% for precision welding.,

Maintenance Free Solid State SCR Contactor.,

Soft Touch Control Pad with LED function
and value indicators.,

15-3/4” Throat Depth, 2” diameter Arms,
1 ejector-type Electrode Holders, 2MT/5RW,

Speed Control adjustments,

Standard High-lift retraction stroke air cylinder
provides extra tip clearance. 3” maximum opening,

Two Stage Electric Footswitch with the
option to add a second footswitch for
Dual Current and Dual Weld Time.,

Combination Air Filter and Pressure Regulator
with Gauge.,

Currently in T. J. Snow Inventory,

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