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동력:100 kV·A
스로트:304.8 mm

New HERON Heavy Duty vertical acting Combination Projection & Spot Welder:

Imported from China,

Model ZDN-100,

100 KVA, 440 volts, 60 Hz, single phase,

8.6 max secondary voltage,

26,000 max. secondary welding amps available short circuit,

12” throat depth as a projection welder @ centerline of platens,

18” working throat depth as a spot welder with arms,

6" diameter standard dual acting air cylinder,

2,260 lbs. of weld force available at 80 PSI,

8” x 8” projection welding platens, with T-slots,

Initiation will be a two (2) stage shrouded foot switch suitable for spot welding.,

American-made ENTRON EN1000 microprocessor-type welding control with a 1200-ampere water-cooled SCR firing contactor

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