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테이블 W:10 "
테이블-L:50 "
길이방항 이동:35 "
크로스방향 이동:16.3 "
동력:3 hp
분당 회전속도:4500 rpm
무게:3,000 lbs


Working Surface: 10" x 50"
T-Slot Number, Size: 3, 5/8"

Table Travel (X-Axis): 35"
Saddle Travel (Y-Axis): 16.3"
Quill Travel (Z-Axis): 5"
Ram Travel: 18.5"
Knee Travel: 15.3"
Throat Distance (min-max): 9.8" - 28.3"
Spindle Gage Line to Table Top (min-max): 1.6" - 16.9"

Motor: 3 HP
Wiring Voltage: 220/440V, 3 phase, 60 Hz
Taper: R-8
Speed (Vari-speed): 60 - 4,500 RPM
Quill Feed (IPR): 0.0015", 0.003", 0.006"
Spindle Accuracy: 0.0002" TIR
Head Tilt (Right to left each way): 90 Degrees
Head Tilt (Up and down each way): 45 Degrees

Dimensions & Weight:
Floor Area (WxDxH): 70" x 75" x 88"
Net Weight (approx.): 3,000 lbs

Standard Equipment:

Hardened and ground box ways
Draw Bar
One-shot lube system
Front and rear way covers
Toolbox with Tool Kit

Optional Accessories: (Please call for pricing and additional information)

Digital Variable Speed (DVS) head
Power Feeds for Table, Saddle and Knee
Power Draw Bar
Riser Block (4" or 7")
Right Angle Milling Attachment
Coolant System with Chip Pan
Milling Vise
Clamping Kit
Halogen Work Light
R-8 Collets


To dissipate heat in the 3 HP motor drive head, a pair of high output fans are is installed. This allows the machine to work demanding jobs for extended periods without damaging the motor, belts and bearings. A unique SHARP feature
The motor shaft and Vari Drive pulleys are dynamically balanced, then hard-chromed this allows vibration free milling even at high speed
Since the Vari-speed drive system is operated by sliding the Vari Drive pulley up and down the motor shaft. The motor shaft is therefore chrome-plated, and has an oil channel that is fed by a grease fitting on the lower end for self-lubricating purpose. This ensures the sliding motion is trouble free at all times. A unique SHARP feature
The motor shaft that drives the pulley and the spindle is subject to a lot of lateral stress. A roller bearing is installed for the lower support of the motor shaft. A unique SHARP feature
Beside swiveling 90 degree side to side, the head can also swivel up and down by the virtue of a knuckle joint design. The new design developed by Sharp uses 6 bolts, 3 each side, that fits into a circular T-slot milled on the inside of the over arm and secured by nuts from the outside. It secures the head tightly and offers high accuracy in milling operations.
A matched pair of super-precision ABEC-7 angular contact bearings support the spindle. The quill is CNC-ground to a mirror finish, and then chromed to fit the housing. Together, they insure spindle run out of no more than 0.00002" TIR - the best in the industry

Column, Table and Knee
Certified MEEHANITE castings are used for superior rigidity and better dampening of vibrations
Hardened and ground box ways on column and saddle
Turcite coated slideways for better resistance to wear and retention of lube oil
Hardened leadscrews on table and saddle for better resistance to wear
Table and saddle backlash is controlled by a double-nut design that keeps the feed screw in contact with a pair of bronze nuts at all times. A unique SHARP feature
The end of the table and saddle are mounted with thrust bearings that pre-load the feed screw, eliminating endplay for precisely controlled lateral movement
Instead of hand scraping the top of the knee ways for oil retention, the matching underside of the saddle is hand scraped. This extra step helps to avoid having chips and dirt embedded in the knee ways and damage the sliding area
"Bridgeport-style" vertical knee mill

Why DVS Head?
High reliability with fewer moving parts than regular vari-speed head
Dynamic brake
Low voltage control
Large Digital RPM Display
Fully enclosed display unit
Dependable Inverter Drive System
Machine can run on single phase or 3 phase electricity
Safety device prevents machine from self starting after power failure or after emergency stop being pushed


We are an authorized dealer of Sharp. Let us know if you are in the market for a particular machine and/or tooling

Please keep in mind that Sharp is constantly looking for new technology and design to enhance the quality and features of its products. Specifications and features will change over time. Call us to confirm details of a particular machine as well as stock levels before deciding to purchase

PAYMENT: Banker's check or wire transfer are preferred when dealing with transactions that exceed $1000. Any purchase of over $1000 will come with an extra 3% charge when paying through Paypal or with a Credit/Debit Card. All major credit cards are accepted.

WARRANTY: Sharp Industries warrants to the original purchaser, other than a purchaser for resale, (the “Purchaser”) that Sharp Industries machine tools shall be free of defects in materials and workmanship. For a period of one (1) year from completion of installation, Sharp Industries will, at its sole and exclusive discretion, either replace or repair any machine or part thereof defective in workmanship or material, at no charge to the Purchaser.

All warranty repairs must either be performed by Sharp Industries or MachineStation. To obtain warranty service, Purchaser must contact MachineStation. Purchaser must provide verification of the date of delivery/installation when requesting warranty service (dated installation report). Ground freight charges (UPS regular or common carrier truck) for all warranty replacement parts are paid by Sharp Industries. If machine is not operational, Sharp Industries will pay next-day air shipment charges for necessary parts weighing 100 lbs. or less. Materials or parts alleged to be defective shall be returned to Sharp Industries, at Sharp Industries’ request, transportation charges prepaid. After the warranty repair or replacement of a defective part, Sharp Industries’ warranty for such part shall continue for ninety (90) days or for the remainder of the original Limited Warranty, whichever is longer.

MACHINE USE AND SAFETY: Buyer acknowledges that the Seller has no knowledge or control over the application of these goods by the Buyer. It is the Buyer’s (user’s), responsibility to provide proper safety devices, equipment and instructions for any particular use, and to take all necessary steps to confirm to all Federal, State or Local Government Safety Standards and including OSHA.


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