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Randbright 20 HP, 36" x 75" abrasive belt, wet collector system, auto tracking (1999)


MODEL S 36 X 75 ♦ YEAR: 1999
Stock No. 9532

Finishing Head:

A 20 HP TEFC motor drives 36” x 75” abrasive belt. The abrasive belt is air tensioned and has an ultrasonic tracking system to maintain proper tracking of the abrasive belt. The head is mounted to four precision jacks, which are adjusted via a single hand wheel for thickness adjustment. Setup is made easier by a mechanical digital readout. The final setting is gauged by reading a load meter, which is calibrated in percentage of main drive motor load. The machine opens a full 6” to accommodate most parts.

Feed System:

The conveyor uses a premium grade belt and is driven by a 2 H.P. variable speed motor (0-50 ft./min.). Conveyor rolls are 6” diameter to maximum traction and improved tracking.


Rand-Bright ultrasonic tracking system is simple, reliable and efficient. It is designed to oscillate the sanding belt in order to provide the finest finish and longest abrasive life possible. The ultrasonic sensor is impervious to contaminants and designed to withstand the abuse of the environment.

Wet System:

Includes Stainless Steel pans and guarding to contain coolant within the machine and return the coolant to the filtration system. Machine comes complete with all piping and spray nozzles to direct coolant to the interface of the abrasive belt and the part. Included is a top and bottom dryer to remove coolant from the part. Machine comes with an automatic indexing paper bed filter located outside of the machine for improved maintenance access.

Electric Controls:
220 volt, 3 phase
Emergency stops are located at both infeed and outfeed side of the conveyor as well as the operator control panel.

All operator controls are mounted on the front of the machine with red push button emergency stop installed. A meter is also located on this panel.

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