TRENNJAEGER LPC 110/400원형 콜드 톱

모델:LPC 110/400
형태:원형 콜드 톱
조건:중고 - 우수
판매자:판매자가 누군지보기 ...
환불 정책:30-일


최대 블레이드 직경:358.1 mm
동력:1.9 kW

Designed for precision straight and mitre cutting of angles, H-beams, channels, solids and tubing of steel and non-ferrous material.
Cutting length, straight: 16”, 45º mitre: 12”. Cutting height: 4½”.

Machine stand of solid steel construction.
Heavy duty spur-gear train, three-stage, with helical, hardened gears, running in an oil sump.

Cutting head feed operated hydraulically, assuring even feed and increased blade life.
Hydraulically operated vertical and horizontal material clamps.
Hydraulic saw feed steplessly variable from 0 to 60 in./min. for cutting stainless to non-ferrous metals.

Specially designed blade stabilizer ensures highly precise cutting.
Instant hydraulic mitering adjustments from 90º to 45º without locking or unlocking cutting head or moving material.
Special hydraulic interlocking device prevents operation of blade feed without activating material clamps.

Powerful overload protected two-speed drive motor 220 or 440 volts (voltage must be specified). 1.8 / 2.5 hp, 1500 / 3000 rpm.
Vee-belt step pulley for six saw blade periphery speeds 52 / 104, 65 / 130 and 81 / 162 ft./min.
Complete hydraulic system with overload protected 1.5 hp motor.
Complete coolant system with overload protected motor.

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