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모델:LC-3015 NT
형태:레이져 절단기


시트-W:60 "
시트-L:120 "
와트:4000 w
분당 인치:6681 inpm
X-이동:121 "
Y-이동:61 "
Z-이동:3.94 "
제어반:CNC (Amada AMNC NT)

4000 Watt Amada LC-3015F1NT laser cutting system
Manufactured 2009,
Approximately 18,500 total hours, new 24K hour Turbo blow installed at ~15K total hours
With AMS-3015 10 shelf storage and load and unload Automated system (Mfg: 2007)

Basic specifications
CNC unit: AMNC-F 32 bit
Laser oscillator: Fanuc AF4000i-B
Carriage and laser shuttle table (LST) travel
Y Axis: 61"
X Axis: 129"
Maximum work area: 121" x 61" x 3.94"
Maximum sheet size: 120" x 60"
Maximum worksheet weight: 2028 lbs.
Z-Axis motion (laser cutting head): 3.94"
Maximum positioning speed (Rapid)
X Axis: 4724 IPM
Y Axis: 4724 IPM
Z Axis: 4724 IPM
Simultaneous X Axis + Y Axis: 6681 IPM
Maximum cutting speed: 0-2360 IPM
Accuracy: +/- .002"

Laser production cutting specifications for Fanuc AF4000i-B Oscillator
CW Power: 4000 watts
Peak pulse power: 5000 watts
Maximum material thickness (not to exceed weight limitation of cutting table)
Carbon steel: 0.875"
Stainless steel: 0.500" "CleanCut"
Aluminum: 0.375"

Equipped with:
Amada AMS-3015 10 shelf material storage and load and unload system


Amada LC-3015F1 NT laser with Amada AMS-3015 10 shelf automation

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