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모델:FL 3015
형태:레이져 절단기


시트-W:60 "
시트-L:120 "
와트:5000 w
분당 인치:7800 inpm
X-이동:123 "
Y-이동:62 "
제어반:CNC (Siemens)

5000 watt HK FL-3015 laser cutting system
New in 2011

Table size: 62" x 123"
Maximum rapid travel: 7800 IPM
Maximum rapid travel X axis: 4720 IPM
Maximum rapid travel Y axis: 5930 IPM
Accuracy: 0.0039" over 120"
Repeatability: 0.001"
Operating software: Window XP pro
Monitor: 15" flat touch panel screen
HDD: 40G
Memory: 512M
Communication: USB, Ethernet LAN
Power consumption (Including dust collector): 150 KVA
230 VAC: 370A
460 VAC: 185A
Laser: 25L/Hr
Air consumption main machine: ISO 8573-1 standard/260FM/1/2" connection
Cooling water: distilled water (70%): Propylene Glycol (30%)
Cutting head: HK S5

Max cut:
Mild steel: 1.00"
Stainless steel 304: 0.75"
Aluminum 60: 0.50"

Equipped with:
PRC 5.0 KW CO2 resonator
Siemens Sinumerik 840D control
Flying gantry design for high dynamics
Rack and pinion design for high dynamics
Dual shuttle table
7800 inches per minute rapid positioning speed
1.0G speed acceleration
Non-contact auto height sensing unit
5.0 and 7.5" FL lens quick change cartridge
automatic nozzle cleaner
Laser edge detection and auto re-positioning
Programmable regulator
6 duct chambers and automatic exhaust-zone change
Scrap tray
Consumable spare parts kit
Reflection absorber unit
Phase retarder and beam collimator units
Auto Focus control (AFC)
S5 high speed cutting head
HP quick pierce system
Retractable cross jet oil-mist nozzle
Air filtration and dehumidifier system for beam purge
step-down transformer


5000 watt HK FL-3015 laser cutting system with 5' x 10' shuttle tables and Siemens control, new in 2011

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