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Harrel GEARTRUDER: Type GT610CE Plastics Tubing Extruding Press. Up to 3/16" Tubing, Round, Square & Oval Tubing, 8 Lbs/Hour, 98 RPM, Harrell Digipanel Control, New 2007. Inventory # 12332


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0.1875 "
98 hp

(1) Used Harrel Model GEARTRUDER: Type GT610CE - 1" Barrel- Plastics Tubing Extruding Press, New 2007

*Originally built for major medical mfg. company to run medical tubing or catheters. Used in a research facility.*

GT610CE is a Harrel part number describing a 1", 24:1 extruder with machine mounted control cabinet and a 1 cc/rev gear pump
Tubing Sizing: up to 3/16”
Round Tubing
*Any Shape base on the configuration of the Extruding Dis
Material Amount per hour base on Gear Ratio: 8 lbs/hour with the: 1 cc / rev gear pump
Types of Polymers: polyolefin, PVC, styrene Any Type except FEP Fluorinated ethylene propylene

Koellmann Gear Serial No 2260467/2; Size UNEX-1.0; Service Factor 1.6
Motor HP 10 HP / 1,750 Input RPM
Output RPM 98 RPM - Ratio 30/1;

Hub City Model 265 Ratio 17.88
Style 1; Date Code 0704; Assembly Number 0220-62140

Harrel Digipanel Microprocessor Control (CP873CS controller is a type still supported by D-S)
Harrel Type CP873C5; Model Panel; Volts 15, Freq 60, Ser. 101
Harrell Soho Technology Model 220E; 101 Tube-Trol System; SN: 87655
Autodry Material Systems
Koellmann Gear Serial No 2260467/2; Size UNEX-1.0; Service Factor 1.6; 10 HP
In addition to temperatures, pressures, and speeds, it can control extrudate dimensions (when connected to a Harrel laser gauge). It is programmed to generate 2-level and 3-level bump.
Volts 208, Freq 3/60

***Harrel is now owned by Davis Standard of Pawcatuck, CT

Specifications and Equipment are Preliminary, Subject to Buyer Verification.

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