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모델:RZ 400
형태:기어 연마기
제어:CNC (Siemens Sinumerik 840 D)
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최대 기어 지름 :400 mm
제어반:CNC (Siemens Sinumerik 840 D)

The REISHAUER RZ 400 is in top condition. The RZ 400 achieves a grinding quality of DIN 4. The machine is in state-of-the-art, offering the from REISHAUER invented continuous generating gear grinding. It is free of any defects and is equipped with latest Sinumerik 840 D control.

The new continuous-generating-gear-grinding system is characterized by:
- high flexibility in generating different gear tooth geometry and gear tooth modifications
- very short idle times at short grinding times
- easy changeover , quick setup times, low tooling costs, ease of maintenance

The CNC control combines high user friendliness for nearly any conceivable geometry as well as grinding and dressing technology in order to improve quality and profitability. Part of this is a on-screen diagnostic system and a REISHAUER hard- and software for the electronic gear box with extremely good suppression of disturbances and rigidity of the servo drives for all simultaneous operating axes.

- Measuring system: metric and inch, Languages: German and English
- Automatic dressing compensation of the grinding worm, shift and tooth modification are CNC controlled, e.g. taper, crown,
- CNC control: Siemens 840 D


The REISHAUER RZ 400 can be inspected under power at our warehouse, and can be inspected in production. The machine is complete in all parts and reaches DIN 4. It is well-maintained and of latest technique.


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