형태:수직 선반
조건:새로운에서 주식
환불 정책:1-년


테이블 W:15.75 "
테이블-L:19.69 "
길이방항 이동:15.75 "
크로스방향 이동:15.75 "
분당 회전속도:30000 rpm
치수:1400 x 2000 mm
무게:4200 kg
제어반:CNC (Heidenhain)

High speed milling machine of highest accuracy, guarantee 2 micron on full travel
available in 3, 4 or 5 axes
spindle speed 30'000 or 40'000 rpm
ATC integrated


ISPER machines are available with axes travel of:
400 x 400 x 300 mm
650 x 420 x 350 mm
1000 x 600 x 400 mm

ISPER started first as a mold making company back in 1985. As there were no adequate machines on the market specially designe for the needs of mold making, ISPER started to produce their own machines in order to fit their molding factory. ISPER S.r.L. as machine tool manufacturer was founded in 1995, out of a thirty-year experience in moulding technical parts in thermoplas and thermoset material, and in moulds construction; that was the experience that gave birth to a few original machines for the needs of the moulding and the tools shops .

ISPER has refined its machines during many years of own use, and has perfected them as products to be proposed to precise market segments, the most sensible to the quality issue. This type of direct daily experience differentiates ISPER S.r.l. from any other machine manufacturer; it sums up with the typical work vision of mould-makers, that is, with no compromise about performance targets, to determinate the quality level that shall be expected from its products.

ISPER is a dynamic company, able to express skill and care of the best craftmanship and quick answers for facing special needs of its customers, that are located all around the world.

Today ISPER machines are producing a wide spectrum of components used in aerospace, molds and micromolds for plastic injection, forming dies, dental prosthesis, stamping tools, jewelry, medical implants, coins, medals, watch making, connectors for electronic.

ISPER High Speed milling machines are providing extreme precision and reliability. Built on a sturdy concept of simplicity with homogenous structures where every detail has been analyzed to fulfill it’s duty. The modern design and concept offers unsurpassed precision – reliability – efficiency combination.

ISPER S.r.l. moulding shop, specialized in complicated high precision technical parts, is still today the testing bench where every detail of its machine is confronted with reality.


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