형태:와이어 EDM
제어:CNC (ACvision 5)
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X-축 이동:800.1 mm
Y-축 이동:549.9 mm
Z-축 이동:525 mm
자동나사 내기(예/아니오):Yes
무게:13,228 lbs
제어반:CNC (ACvision 5)

* ACvision 5 CNC Control
* 47 Sq" / Hour Maximum Cutting Speed
* Extended Z-axis Riser (26"+ Under the Head)
* Dual Feedback Measuring System - Both Encoders and Heidenhain Glass Scales
* Universal Wire-Guide System - AC Patented V-Guide System
* IPG-VP Dual Integrated Generator
* 4 Sided Table
* Automatic Wire Threader
* Submerged Cutting Capability
* Variocut
* AgieJogger - Advanced Hand Control
* Stack Light
* Advantage Electric Chiller
* All Available Manuals and Accesoories


Key Features
* Four sided table with universal clamping frame.
* Wire sizes from 0.006" - 0.013".
* Finishes of 0.2 Ra. (8 micro inch)
* ACvision 5 control runs on Windows XP. This control delivers more power with less space required.
* IPG-VP Dual Generator has 4 in series power modules that deliver much faster cutting speed and a modern design and technology that delivers finer spark gap for better part accuracy and surface finish. It also has low power consumption and takes up a minimum amount of space.
* ACjogger is a handy, manual operations hand box. Use it for set up functions, axis movements, cycle start/stop and emergency stop.
* Pieceinsert control feature allows the "pausing" of a job in progress in order to "insert" and machine another (emergency) workpiece, with the click of a mouse. When finished, you can automatically return to the exact point where the previous job was paused and "resume" erosion.
* Contact Manager - Access your GF AgieCharmilles EDM off-line through the standard Ethernet connection. This unique feature enables the user to monitor or run the GF AgieCharmilles system from a remote location. It also provides for real time support from the local applications and service agent.

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