TISHKEN 28 HW-3롤포머

모델:28 HW-3
Serial # :21490
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스텐드 수:28
롤 공간:1,016 mm
아바 직경:76.2 mm
동력:55.9 kW
수평센터:355.6 mm
수직센터:212.7 mm
치수:45' LONG
무게:40000 LBS

Rebuilt 28-HW-AS-3 Duplex Roll Form machine (Tishken).
* Reconditioned to "like new" condition with updated electrical and warranty
* (3) base design coupled together,
* Fixed main block drive back-side, power adjusted spindle support stands on operator side
* Individual stepping motor spindle support drive and ball screw to provide lateral motion for width positioning.
* LED readout position of lateral traverse
* Pinch feed roll assembly before first pass
* Powered feed pinch roll assembly driven from spindle #1
* (28) pairs of spindles on 30 pass base
* Spindle diameter – 3 inch
* Roll space – adjustable 30 to 40 inches
* Upper spindle adjustable - 6 1/2 to 8 3/8 inches.
* Horizontal center distance between spindles – 14” unequal gearing
* Wide faced hardened gear train.
* Floor to pass line – 36 inches.
* Micrometer top spindle adjustments
* Precision ground, heat treated roll spindles.
* Air clutch and brake
* Pressurized lubrication system with gears running in oil
* Automatic lubrication on roll stand bearings.
* Roller and ball bearings throughout
* Welded steel base with integral gutter
* Operator control station
* 75 HP Reliance DC Motor
* 75 HP Allen Bradley drive, rheostat controlled, reversing f.p.m. meter speed adjust potentiometer and regenerative braking
* Line Speed – 300 f.p.m. maximum
* Controls and wiring for 480V – 3 phase – 60 Hertz line current.


Rebuilt Duplex Tishken Roll Forming Machine 28 HW-AS-3
28 Pass Machine on 30 Pass Base.
Adjustable roll space
Location: Warren, MI

We physically own the machine, so it is a direct sale.

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